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Waste Services Inc.

I simply felt the need to contact you regarding the training session you provided for my sales team. As they have participated in numerous different sales related training courses, the concept of the interactive board game was well received. Promptly concluding the session I was overwhelmed by the positive responses to the training session and felt the need to share the feed back with you. Below are just a few of the comments I received…

“The sales training I received was awesome!! I found it very informative for people usually sitting inside the office. It’s was a great look into the steps that our sales professionals must face on a daily basis. The business is not as cut and dry as most assume!! It also helped me to discover that it is okay that I’m not a hunter….the cookers are just as valuable!!- Datkese Charles-Brampton

“It was a great way to get to meet people from the different divisions and to experience the diverse ways they deal with their customers”-Karyn Imrie-Hamilton

“Very informative. Well organised. and fun.”-Maximillian Mileski-Brantford

As you can see, this course will prove to be very helpful for my sales team and I am confident they all learned from their participation! Maintaining exceptional customer service and establishing strong partnerships has maintained to be our definitive goal and Quota will be remembered as we move forward in 2008. Please stay in touch as I am certain that phase two of your programme will prove to be just as successful as “Qouta”.

Warm Regards,

Marsha Guy
Regional Sales Manager
Waste Services Inc.

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